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We're a small Australian Shepherd family located in Roswell and Ellijay, Georgia. You won't see any conformation type pictures on our site because that's something that we either just don't find fun or haven't found the time to participate in. We have bred our male and female dogs because they have excellent qualities that we want to preserve in future generations. It's a way for us to always have a dog we enjoy and love and can be assured of a good temperament. The side benefit is that we can share our love of this wonderful breed with other responsible dog owners. Our passion is agility but, all of our dogs are wonderful companions, very gentle, loving animals that have been raised in our home with lots of exposure to outside experiences. As you'll see from the pictures all through the site, they love to have fun, running on our property in Ellijay or competing in agility trials. We will only sell our puppies to the right homes and require all interested parties to complete our questionnaire to be sure that this breed dog is right for you and your situation. We also require a contract for the dogs. Please review both documents below before considering purchasing a puppy from us. Also, check the links provided on our site to read up on the breed before deciding if this is the right dog for you. Thank you for visiting our site - enjoy looking around at the pictures and information we provide.

Our Dogs

Suncatcher’s Triple B (Azi)
ax oaj nf
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Nucastle’s Lotus Club Racer (Orbit)
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na oaj


(daughter of Azi and Orbit)


our first Aussie (passed over the Rainbow Bridge)

Available Puppies

Azi and Orbit puppies born April 19th 2015.

We are happy to announce that all of the puppies from this current litter have found new homes.

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Past Litters

Past Litters

First litter of Azi and Orbit in 2013 resulted in 8 beautiful puppies. All went to great homes and Maggie stayed here with us to carry on the Snowball tradition.

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Puppy Questionnaire


Home Life

What type of personality in a pup, do you like or think would work best for you? Australian Shepherds need mental activity as well as physical activity.

Activity Plans
What are your plans for continuing the socialization and/or training of this puppy?

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